Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Top 3 Favorite (and Easy) Chi Enhancers For Any Room

You know that eating dark leafy green vegetables is good for you.  All of the nutrition facts may not be at your immediate disposal, you simply know it's good for you...and so you work them into your diet...and there isn't much more thought about it after that, right?  So, you keep your house clean and everything looks pretty, why use chi enhancers?  The chi enhancer is the boost or the "vitamins" that nourish you and your energy through your environment.

Have you ever heard, "You are a product of your environment?"  So....what is your environment doing for you? Is it nourishing you?  Feng Shui is a magnificent way to usher in a positive flow of energy assisting you in manifesting your desired quality of life.  Even if you aren't really sure about what you want, using basic Feng Shui techniques and chi enhancers can open up avenues for you to explore --it's just good for you like dark leafy green vegetables.

What is Chi?

Chi is energy.  Chi is the universal energy all around us and within us.  So, even if you keep your home clean and clutter free, there comes a time when your environment (the chi that surrounds you) becomes un-noticeable.  Chi becomes stagnant. Chi enhancers awaken you and gently nudge you out of basic routine in a subtle and loving way -- like a good vitamin.  There are many ways to revitalize chi:  water features, chimes, colors, flags, art, crystals.

My Top Three Favorite Chi Enhancers:

Uplights connected to a timer and placed under a plant.
 I use it under a Ficus Tree (see picture).  This is simple and so beautiful.  The uplights set to automatically turn on in the early evening really gives off good Chi.  It's simple and can be used nearly anywhere in your home.  This is a great solution to corners where chi can become stagnant.  The ambience is soft and the shadows it casts upwards on the walls is interesting--you'll notice your mood change instantly.

Decorative glass hurricanes.  Decorate them about 1/3 of the way with sand, pebbles, dry beans (I use coffee beans) and place a candle in it.  I love this because it surrounds you with a pleasant scent, it is visually pleasing and it keeps the candle safe (should you accidentally forget about it).  A hurricane is easy and can be placed in any room!

Rearrange.  Easy, inexpensive and totally doable!  Some simple rearranging of what you already have re-awakens your senses. For example, I often re-arrange the career area of my home (located at my front entrance).  Many times, I'm not sure what it is I'm looking to achieve, but I'm appreciative about the work I'm doing, I love the healing arts and therefore, my intention is simply about allowing more of that.  Each occasion I've done this something opens up: speaking engagements, new clients, connecting and learning from other professionals in my field, or I get inspired ideas like obtaining my Reiki Master certification, designing workshops and even starting this blog! Using chi enhancers in my career area is one example of how it has truly enhanced my work in ways I never thought possible...and it continues to nourish me.

Can something this simple really usher in a positive flow of energy?  My answer is an emphatic, Yes!  What are your favorite things to do in your home that awaken your senses?

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