Thursday, June 2, 2011

Selling Your Home? Is The Energy Of Your Home Helping Or Hurting Your Home Sale?

Using Feng Shui techniques to help sell your home is worth the time and investment. Doing so means being able to see your home with a little different perspective and being able to feel the energy of your home -- doing all that you can to raise the energy and welcome it's new homeowners.

Many home staging companies recommend depersonalizing your home, simplifying the decor and using neutral colors -- all of which will give you long strides toward meeting your goal of a home sale. But you know what? Many homes for sale are doing the same thing you are. So what will set you apart?

Beyond staging your home, take a moment to feel the energy of your home. How? Start by looking at your home from a buyers perspective. A lot of energy has already begun to build as they have viewed your home on the internet and now are physically prepared to visit your home in person. What will you do to keep them interested?

Look at the house from the outside in.  How will the buyers see it as they slowly approach their potential new home for the first time? The energy at this point is slow and the idea here is to keep it like that. You want them to stay and not rush off.

At what point will they see their new home? From the car, for sure, perhaps from a few houses down. Does their home stand out? Is the mailbox and house number clearly visible? Does the entrance guide and welcome them in?

Invest in landscaping. Avoid straight lines in the landscape design. Curves and pots and organic yard ornaments are best. The idea is to welcome them visually -- help them remember how good it feels to be there. When the new homeowners pull into the driveway and get out of the car, what will they see?  How will they feel? The walk to the front door should feel more like a stroll. Let the new homeowners meander and be visually pleased.

Remove mirrors in the foyer. That's right, remove the mirror -- especially if you have a small foyer. The energy is slow and you want the prospective buyer to stay around. Replace the mirror with art. Something you think is beautiful (it should look costly but it doesn't have to be costly) -- just something you feel is ultra beautiful. Does it represent warmth? Does the art make you feel good? The prospective buyer is feeling pretty good about the outside, their first impression in the foyer should be, "WOW." No crazy colors on the walls -- simple, clutter free decor and the one piece of art that looks beautiful. To keep the slow and happy energy going, the prospective buyer is intrigued and now desires to see the rest of their home with excitement. They feel good!

Keep the principle rooms of your home feeling good and feeling "rich." A king is out looking for a new castle! A Feng Shui practitioner will help you with specific techniques for each room in your home, explain the energy flow and help you welcome the kind of energy you want for your home to sell.  

Most important, many of the Feng Shui techniques will also help you (if you are presently living in your home while it is for sale) lift your own energy.  This will only enhance the overall good feeling you want your home to have.  

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